Sophia Anastasia Deruvo

Artwork inspired by mental capabilities. 


Sophia’s growth is as beautiful as her art. Her schizophrenia which she embraced, gave her inspiration and strength to pursue her life as a whole. Her images became powerful artwork, her most personal and unique window into her mind. She embraced her visions and created in the physical world something we can experience. Something as real as the visions that are showcased within her own mind. Delusions of Death, visions of a being of light, synchronicity between others, connection to the world and more. She paints to process her thoughts, she experiences how meditating her painting process can be. Her images: A Tentacle being, time & space being ripped apart, light shined, etc. Is it symbolic? Her open mind gave her insight into her surroundings, her life has given her a message in which reality flows. Yet society’s stigma of mental health challenges the growth of Sophia and everyone else. Sophia believes mental health patients do need help, the problem is simply in the way these facilities take care of them. Sophia has lived these experiences first hand.  They generalize and compartmentalize instead of treating them like the individuals they are. With their aspirations, skills, love, and their pursuit of happiness with their true nature.  Sophia is an exceptional human being that has exceptional abilities that are sought out in a different light. We thank Sophia for giving us insight into her unique mind. Thank you for shining your light towards something that needs to be addressed.


We all have the ability to find our passion. With that ask yourselves, is there change we can make? a change where we all begin to understand each other? I know it may begin in smaller ways. If we simply start by hearing each other out, and by trying to stand in each other shoes, we will begin to notice what we've already known, that is love and compassion, we are much more alike than we are different, and we believe that is what we should be bringing to our communities, we need to stop being divided, and start becoming one.


In the meantime, enjoy wonder work from the stylings of 21st-century artist Sophia Anastasia Deruvo.



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