What is going on in the

San Marcos Creative Community? WHere is everyone at?

If you don't know it yet, San Marcos is so rich with culture and talent. The problem is, where are they all hanging out?

Probably in every dorm, house, apartment, and just about any gathering space there is available because in reality, we are saturated with talent in this beautiful river town!

Here is Studio San Martian, which in many ways act as a physical hub for creatives, gatherings, and physical art in general. They have been putting shows on for sometime now and have the most beautiful studio you can visit and support artists from. Give them a follow, and don't forget to visit their space!

To the right of the Studio San Martian Facebook link, we have the ever growing online hub facebook page Wezmer. Here we give creatives and artists an opportunity to host their merchandize or songs or videos or anything they produce completely free at the events we put together. 


COVID has done some pretty bizarre things all around. It has definitely hurt so many artists, both popular or not, covid did not discriminate. The most devastating aspect for artists besides the death and separation of a nation is, it's now that much harder to bring the community together. People are now a little bit scared, but Studio San Martian has cracked the code to host these events with a pandemic world, and are leading the San Marcos event experience as of now. There was a lot of backlash on the event, but it actually turned out really well. 

Mano Amiga also jumped on and hosted a wonderful outdoor event at Aquabrew September 26th with 3 wonderful bands and auctions raising funds for local immigrant families of San Marcos that did not qualify for stimulus checks. It was handled very well, and I believe and root for these types of events, that are bigger than just hanging out, but more like hanging out with a purpose, to fight injustices, to spread love and awareness. 


Studio San Martian's Outdoor Hemp Fair is happening soon so please check it out!


Also the 78666 Music Festival Fundraiser will be happening October 10th and that is completely an online event. Stay tuned for more Meditative events by Dada in Studio San Martian, and future Paint-along hang outs that are out of this world!

Let's support our local creative neighbors because in reality, they are extremely talented and are so worth hearing them out! Thank you San Marcos for staying cool and connected!

September 29th 2020

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