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Je$co first popped on my radar after I heard his collaborative single “One Last Time” with Maikéru. I kept hearing about how talented and down to Earth he was, both of these I think are portrayed well on his follow up EP titled 21. I had the opportunity to check in on him recently, and try to get a feel for what motivates this up-and-coming artist.

The Interview

Q: What made you want to pursue making music?

Je$co: I started making music in 2018. That was my freshman year at Texas State, and I was staying in the dorms. I met my best friend Jacob and first picked up a guitar around that time. Seeing how Jacob would play inspired me and fueled my desire to perform. I told myself “ That’s what I’m gonna do.”

Q: Who would you say is your biggest musical inspiration?

Je$co: Musically I’d shout out Mac Miller. But honestly, there’s just so many great artists who inspire me. Mac is someone I’ll always look up to for the versatility and hunger that you can hear in his music.

Q: What was the first song you made that you feel defines who you want to be as a musician?

Je$co: I’d have to say Addicted 18’. I wrote that song in 2018 after a hard breakup, but only recently released it on 21. The fact that I was able to release one of my first songs on my more recent projects and that the vibe was so similar was dope.

Q: What kinds of things interest you other than making and performing music?

Je$co: Movies, video games, skateboarding. Honestly, it can be whatever. I just like to keep my mind occupied.

Q: If you couldn’t make music anymore, what else would you pursue?

Je$co: It’s hard to picture that. I’m sure I’d be doing something that involves self-expression. Maybe I’d write books. Who knows?

Q: What was your favorite part of making 21?

Je$co: I loved how natural every song was. I think I wrote each song in under an hour simply because of how natural the emotions and lyrics felt in the moment. I also loved the process of making the music video for “Wake Me Up”. That was my first experience making a music video, so that was dope.

Q: What are your goals moving forward? Do you have any new material dropping later this year?

Je$co: My goal is to be the best version of myself, and let that flow through my music. I want to sell a million records, and actually have an impact on every single person who buys one of my records. I’m in album mode right now, man. I’ve been working on my debut album, so there’s lots of excitement for the future.

Q: What kind of impact are you trying to make on the music scene, or is that not what you worry about when you make songs?

Je$co: I’m looking to put my rawness out there and let my music be felt as well as heard. I don’t think too much about it while I’m in the process of making the songs. I just try to be as authentic as I can with my lyrics and let the music move me in whatever way.

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Let’s make sure everyone knows where to find you.

Je$co: You can follow me on social media @Jescomusic, and to listen to 21 or any of my other music search Je$co on all streaming platforms.

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