Mount Drug Cartel

Somewhere between out there and over here, Mount Drug Cartel has been described by fans as “edgy ambient folk” and “avant freak folk but MDC conjurer Orion Abernathy would tell you it’s “cricket-choir core.” Orion wrote, played, and recorded all the songs and soundscapes you hear throughout this discography. This central Texas based artist is promoting freedom of all that is human, and the quest for representations of these concept through visual, auditory, and expressive endeavors. Orion is a classically taught musician which can be heard throughout MDC and his other projects he is or has been involved with, like the two piece prog/math rock band Coyote the Trickster.

Mount Drug Cartel is for fans of artists like Pink Floyd, Bon Iver, (Sandy) Alex G, and Modest Mouse. Take MDC with you on hikes, car rides, adventures, and late night painting sessions!

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