Jacob Hernandez

  Happiness is having the opportunity to be creative. I enjoy making stuff no matter the medium and I put a lot of effort into making it look as visually appealing to me as possible.

  My Inspiration really derives from looking at other artists. Comic art, film and music really have a big impact on me and spark a lot of my drive to work. Also when I take a step back and see where I am in life it really inspires me to continue making work.   Besides art in general, I love the people in my life. I do feel every person in my life has had a major impact in my life no matter my relationship with them. I’m really grateful for where I am in life and do feel every person helped get to where I am.

  There’s nothing I would love the world to know. I feel as if anything I knew would really be something that would have a big impact on them. I just don’t feel the need to let people know anything.

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